Vaporizer 1.5 Gallon Vicks Warm Steam

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Vick's 1.5 Gallon Warm Steam Vaporizer Has New Dual Slot Scent Pad Technology Which Provides Soothing Vapors While You Sleep For Additional Cough And Congestion Comfort * The Exclusive Vicks Vaporizer With Steamguard Design Provides Maximum Performance And Reliability And The Design Lowers The Outlet Steam Temperature By 20% * The 1.5 Gallon Capacity Runs For 18-24 Hours Of Operation Per Filling And The Triple Wall Insulation Keeps The Reservoir Water At A Safe Temperature * There Is An Automatic Shut-off When The Reservoir Water Reaches The Minimum Level * Has A Locking Top * The Medicine Cup Allows The Use Of Vicks Vaporsteam Or Kaz Inhalant * A Large Night Light Provides Added Convenience Particularly In Children's Rooms * 3 Year Warranty *

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