Cervical Pillow Standard W-memory Foam

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Contoured To Ergonomically Support The Natural Alignment Of Your Neck For Outstanding Comfort While You Sleep * Heat And Pressure Sensitive Memory Foam Gently Cradles Your Head And Neck Hanging Shape As You Move To Provide Responsive Support All Night Long * Designed To Decrease Morning Pain And Stiffness Resulting From Poor Neck Support * Helps You Maintain Proper Cervical Alignment By Filling In The Natural Contour Of Your Neck Without Lifting Or Tilting Your Head Whether You Sleep On Your Back Or Your Side * A Larger Or Smaller Contour Provides A Choice For The Most Comfortable And Supportive Height * Composed Of Hypoallergenic Polyurethane Foam * Includes A Machine Washable Pillow Cover With Nylon Zipper * Fits Any Standard Size Pillowcase * Great Retail Packaging *

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