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Designed To Provide Functional Management Of Stress Fractures And The Graduated Managament Of Certain Stable Fractures Of The Lower Leg. * Features Anatomically Designed Shells Lined With The Patented Duplex? Aircell System. * The Leg Brace Can Be Ordered Alone Or With An Optional Anterior Panel For Additional Tibial Protection. * A Sock Is Included With Each Brace. Features & Benefits: * Semi-rigid Anatomically Designed Shells To Stabilize And Protect The Leg Patented Duplex? Aircell System To Enhance Circulation And Reduce Swelling * Pre-inflated Aircells For Easy Application * Transfer Of Weight-bearing Load To Reduce Causative Forces Of Injury * Easy Fit In Shoes For Early Protected Weight-bearing *indication: Stress Fracture; Stable Fracture (graduated Fracture Managment)

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