Memory Foam Travel Pillow

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Designed To Help Prevent Pain And Stiffness In Your Neck And Shoulders So That You Arrive At Your Destination More Comfortable And Relaxed * Contoured Side Panels Provide A Comfortable Sleeping Option When Resting Your Head To The Side * Button Clasp Helps To Prevent The Pillow From Slipping Off Your Shoulders * Pommel On Bottom Of Pillow Rests On Your Shoulders For Additional Stability Providing Your Head And Neck With Proper Support * Back Of Pillow Is Contoured To Comfortably Support Your Neck * Flat Edge On Back Of Pillow Rests Against Your Seat Without Slipping * Allows For A More Restful And Restorative Sleep * Flexible And Fits Most Necks * Includes A Plush Velour Machine Washable Cover * Not For Use While Driving * Great Retail Packaging *

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